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Under Construction* (17.06.2019)

Record Power BS350 Bandsaw
This is the first and only bandsaw i have ever owned. It is medium sized. The largest blocks of wood i have cut with it is around 10 inches high. You can purchase a variety of blades for it. Thin blades are suited for curves. wide blades are suied for straight cuts. Blades with a high number of teeth per inch cuts smoother. 
Rec 350.png
Kirjes Sanding System
This is the first machine i every bought for 
my workshop. It is highly suited for making wooden cups with from dried wood. 
Remember to only run it for 15 minutes, and then let it rest for 15 minutes so it does not overheat. 
Luna BBD100 Belt Sander
I have not used this tool a lot because it is a new investment, but i bought it to be able to sand wood flat and to sand straight angles. 
luna bbd100.png
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